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Finance your property taxes to avoid the County's high fees!

Property Tax Aid offers straightforward, economical, and flexible property tax loans while creating affordable payment plans for property owners trying to avoid the penalties, interest and fees charged by their local County.

In these difficult economic times, we are all are faced with many unanticipated and unfamiliar challenges and decisions. Commercial property owners have become wise to retain their cash in this tumultuous credit market. Yet every company wants to avoid incurring substantial penalties and interest on tax bills that must be paid at some point.

How Does Property Tax Lien Financing Work?

A financial instrument such as a promissory note is structured so that Property Tax Aid can arrange for a property owner's outstanding or past due property taxes to be paid immediately. This is to prevent further penalties and interest from the county from accruing and increasing the tax bill up to 44% in one year. Property Tax Aid can arrange payment of your property taxes even if there is existing financing on the property from a bank or lender. The existing financing does not have to be paid off or refinanced. Re-payment terms can be set anywhere from 1 to 10 years and clients can always pay off the loan quicker if they so choose. Many companies use this form of financing as a tool to help with their immediate cash flow needs and sometimes only use the financing for a few months in order to avoid the county penalties and interest.

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